Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Sushi

100% love it
Hot beach and hot boys
There is plenty of eye candy to keep you happy at this beach bar. Popular pool parties during the day, and the bar is fun at night. Hot go-go dancers. This is a gay club, but all are welcome. Good restaurant too.


    • pupkinpie2
      pupkinpie2 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Mantamar is a true beach club. You decide if you want to pay for a lounge chair or cabana. The lounge chair is 500 peso per person and the cabanas are 1500 peso per person. The prices for the cabanas go up to 5000 on the weekends. You also get a price break if you stay at their resort or have a membership. With entrance fee you get a large beach towel and full access to the facilities (lockers, showers, bathrooms, restaurant, bar, hot tubs, and pool). The facilities are new and well maintained. The chairs sit in he sand and overlook the ocean. Beautiful view! The beach is clean and not busy. The only downside to getting a chair is you will have many locals come up and try to sell you stuff. All you have to say is no thank you and they will leave. A server will come around and offer you drinks and food. I would recommend getting a menu so you can see their full selection of items. You will be given a wrist band so all your drinks and food will be applied to the same tab. The drinks are creative and delicious. I found the classic margaritas to have the most alcohol, where the other drinks were good, but only had one shot per drink. The food was actually outstanding! Both days I had the sushi which was well prepared, well presented, and reasonably priced. I spend most of the time in the pool. The infinity pool offers many seats along the outer edges, a swim up bar, and hot tubs. The water was a perfect temperature for lounging. The lockers were close by so getting more sun screen was easy. The music was lounge/club music. It was the perfect volume as you could still hold a conversation and have fun. It tends to get busier around 2pm, but in October I never saw it packed. I would imagine during events and gay cruise days it can get busy! When you leave you will be provided the receipt. Check over your receipt to ensure they didn't add an extra drink (both days it was accurate for me). Then calculate the tip before handing over your card. The server will ask you how much tip you want to give or ask for a % so if you haven't predefined you will have to figure it out on the spot. I personally wouldn't tip on the charge for the cabana or the chair. I highly recommend Mantamar!

    • MiguelA1969
      MiguelA1969 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Nice beach and OK food!!!!
      The place looks really, really nice and the beach is not rocky as it was at The Westin. There is great ambience here!!!! We rented a Balinese bed and it was pretty comfy!!!! We had a time share guy come to us and we agreed to check out their presentation so we lost two hours of our sunning time!!!! However, we did get free hour long massages and an $800 peso discount!!!! It was kind of worth it. We had no problem with our service. Jonathan was great!!!! Although the food we ordered (sliders and club sandwich) was was weak as were the margaritas they did have exceptional craft beers for only $75 pesos!!!! I got the Los Cuentos craft beer!!!!The crowd is cool we actually got to meet some friendly guys from Rancho Cucamonga!!!! The pool is pretty murky - ewwww!!!! There is a dressing room with lockers and showers and they are clean. What can I do without at Mantamar? The time share guy. The weak sliders. The murky pool. What makes Mantamar stand out? It is not run down like Blue Chairs. The great craft beers!!!! The beach!!!! Four stars!!!! Mantamar is really ridiculously cool!!!!

    • chicosexygdl
      chicosexygdl Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best beach club
      Best place to be on the beach or in the pool. Always full of nice looking guys, good food and excellent service.