Blue Sunset Rooftop Bar

88% love it
At Blue Chairs Resort
Go-go boys provide a touch of spice to the beauty of the sun setting over the ocean. And if you decide to stay later, you can enjoy drag shows, karaoke, and even gay bingo, depending on the night of the week.


    • natnjames
      natnjames Over a year ago

      Fun for Drag show Saturday nights
      A fun diversion after dinner. The drag show here was so much fun. The Drag performers are friendly and sweet. Crowd was diverse and fun as well.

    • Baraboll
      Baraboll Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good Place for a drinks and bois
      The roof top is great early evening for sunset with drinks and dancer boys all over. Sometimes there are a lot of boys sometimes not. Like everything in Mexico. It's a fun place to do at least once during a trip to PV.

    • djbinaz
      djbinaz Over a year ago
      Loves it

      beautiful Views
      Eye candy waiters and go go boys. It's best to go with a group of friends

    • flashgordon
      flashgordon Over a year ago
      Loves it

      New deck and fun shows
      I wouldn't stay at Blue Chairs, but I do enjoy their beach service and the fun people it draws out. The rooftop bar is the same. 5pm starts the happy hour with strippers. PVR doesn't have many gay HH's- most people start drinking around noon and take a siesta from 5-10 for dinner and disco naps. The strippers are cute and can be pushy, but back off if you ask politely. Cocktails are a little weak; I'd stick to the beer buckets. Personally, I'd skip HH and go for the "Dirty Bitches Show"- one of the few real drag shows in PVR. It's campy, silly fun. The performers are not the best, but their rough edges are smoothed out by their desire to entertain. It's like watching drag in it's infancy. My favorite part of watching drag in Mexico is that most of the performers use mics- although they're still lip syncing. The crowd loves it though and the girls are very funny and outgoing. The announcer was really fun too! At some point, make your way to the upper deck and take in the view and the pool. It's a new area and worth checking out. The sunset at Blue Chairs is spectacular.

    • dcjimmy
      dcjimmy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Come here for the Views!
      Ok we hated the Blue Chairs beach but we did enjoy the rooftop bar! Come around an hour before sunset. The dancer boys are cute and friendly and for 20 pesos (2 bucks) they'll give you a nice little lap dance and chat. The boys seem to enjoy the attention, they dont throw attitude. They can be pushy but they also take "no thanks" for an answer. The margaritas are very small but decent. The sunset view is great! We stopped by 3 evenings. We did not stay for the drag shows (not my thing).

    • luna6373
      luna6373 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      overrated first impressions mean a lot
      went here for the first time to see what it was like heard many mixed reviews around pvr some hated it and said its a dump and others loved it and said its awsome so i went first impression from the lobby and the elevator old dirty dumpy got to the roof it was packed lots of people great view of the ocean and the sunset the strippers where cute there where only two they where quick to come get money as where the servers for you to buy drinks it seemed kinda caotic and seems the bar staff couldnt keep up with the drinks and when i asked for change to tip the strippers they said no and gave additude so i was like ok then i wont tip then and when the strippers came by i told him they wont give me change so he gave me additude and left and never came back other then that its very overrated theres better places to go in pvr also stayed on the bluechairs beach twice was nice met great people had fun with friends and the servers where helpful and attentive and didnt preasure you to buy food/drinks that made that much better do the beach not the rooftop

    • Trace
      Trace Over a year ago
      Loves it

      One enterainer made it
      I did not expect much. But I hear the sunset view is amazing. THere is new construction going on. I peeking into it and it looks like the rooftop place will triple in size. I was there for kariokee Monday. Carlos, AKA Fifi, rocked the house! This guy was so full of fun and energy, I was out of my seat for the party! I went back the following night, for bingo. Fifi was in drag, and a witty thing at that. THe humor was wild, only in Mexico can these jokes fly. Fifi has a cute sidekick. but I really liked that it was bilingual, so my lack of Spanish was not at issue. The food was OK. nothing bad or special good. You must go on Monday or Tuesday night. The rest, well I dont know. But the entertainment on the usually slow night rocked and made my trip a blast.

    • ronpass
      ronpass Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Overrated, but with some virtues
      Why people flock to Blue Chairs is still a wonder to me. Whether on the beach or on the rooftop, the drinks are terrible (order a beer... they can't mess that up!), the food is average at best, and the place has been in need of a facelift for years. On the beach, even the chairs (used in the title!!) are uncomfortable and don't lay flat so you can tan properly. Still, if you're into drag shows and other gay fun, there is some reason to visit the rooftop. Recommend checking it out if you're a first timer. If not, move on to other venues that offer a better product. P.S. this place is not even gay owned!

    • donco6
      donco6 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Blue Chairs - meh.
      OK, I know everyone has to go to the Blue Chairs in Puerto Vallarta . . . sort of like everyone has to go to Casa Bonita in Denver. But when you've "been there, done that" there's not really much reason to return. I've been going to PV for years. I swear that Blue Chairs has never changed a single thing. Not a chair, table, coat of paint, drag queen, backdrop, coat of paint ON the drag queen, light/sound system - all the same from years and years ago. It's kind of insulting to realize they're dragging you back in and not even trying. So, go there if you must. Maybe the MethDiet go-go boys are your style. For me . . . not so much.

    • flashman
      flashman Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good Fun
      This is a great place at the end of your beach day before your disco nap. They have some half decent early evening entertainment also. This place always feels a little sleazy to me, but I always have a pretty good time here.

    • encbears
      encbears Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Hot place!
      Who can beat 2 for 1 Margarettas? Great crowd with hot dancers.

    • AtlLooker
      AtlLooker Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great show and scenery
      Diva's show was great. Very original. Beautiful sunset overlooking the Pacific. Nice staff. Very good food also.

    • bobbyd
      bobbyd Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The drag show was fun. The sunset was pretty. I really enjoyed hanging out at the Blue Chairs Rooftop and at the Blue Chairs beach. (But, I was gald I did NOT stay at the resort.)

    • dan
      dan Over a year ago
      Loves it

      a perfect end to a hot day at the beach
      the only thing better than a sunset in pv, is being with old friends and new friends to see it. this is a great place to meet people, after a day at the beach. the mixed drinks are ok, the beer is better bet, the go-go boys are the best choice of all.