Casa Cupula

87% love it
Stay in luxury at this top rated gay resort
The "bi" staff ("bi-cultural" that is) will help you navigate to the nearby gay beach, gay bars, and other PV destinations the gay gringos are looking for.


    • RodB
      RodB Over a year ago
      Hates it

      This place is FAR from what you need to do and where you need to be. So while you'll have big rooms, pool is small, and the location is isolated from the beach and gay bars. So if you stay here, expect to walk a lot up and down a hill and lots of stairs. The location doesn't make up for how big your rooms are.

    • jaroblanco
      jaroblanco Over a year ago
      Loves it

      My BF and I were made to feel very welcome by the staff, and a number of them clearly enjoyed their interactions with the guests, and went beyond what is expected for superior service. We felt like friends! The property is spectacular and each of the rooms is different. The gym is also fantastic and quite complete. The pool is open 24 hours and we found it very romantic at midnight when we had it to ourselves!

    • natnjames
      natnjames Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Charming and Friendly
      My partner and I were staying at a condo very close by. We ate dinner at "Taste" the restaurant here at hotel. "Armando" & "Jose" were the sweetest and the food was very tasty. We enjoyed so much our last day we went here for brunch and "Fernando" the restaurant manager took us to tour one of the rooms for a future stay. It is really a beautiful hotel with lovely grounds. Would highly recommend this to people who want privacy and not much noise. It is very much in the jungle close by actually across the highway, and about a 10 minute walk to Los Muertos beach.

    • Awesome, Lush and Comfortable
      LOVE this place. Tucked away in hills, just a few minutes from the beach. Gorgeous rooms and wonderful staff!! Can't wait to come back!

    • okki_verdi
      okki_verdi Over a year ago
      Hates it

      badest Hotel in my experience
      Hello, the hotel is very expensive for the service that are not good. i.e. breakfast: quaity bad, old crossaint, fruit not fresh, and more over; massage: in the room (no spa) if you space...and the cost is more than double, then in the city. Location: it is quite difficult to arrive over there. It is the most far avay from all: the beach, the bars, the restaurant... Moreover: the employee asked me coynibusly for tupps, they also was not satisfayed for the amount, they declara that the casa cupola didn't pay wel... also the people of the conciengere...welll, you don't understand if they are kindly or they are escort, and ask for finner, gifts, and more...

    • bryan.camp1
      bryan.camp1 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The Only PV Hotel For Me
      My partner and I travel to PV at least every six months, and for us there is no other place to stay. Clean, spacious rooms and suites, each with its own wonderful decor. The staff is like family, showing you around the hotel as you check in and provide you with a cold drink. Wonderful ground level pool is the largest of the complex, now with its own bar. China and Sabas man that bar beautifully during the day. Then there is Taste Restaurant that is part of the hotel, but also open to the public. Fantastic food and drink at what I think are pretty reasonable prices. Bottom line is you cannot go wrong with Casa Cupula.

    • adallasguy1972
      adallasguy1972 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great option for your PV stay
      Casa Cupula provides a quiet and relaxing vacation getaway high above Puerto Vallarta. The hotel includes modern rooms with urban design and gorgeous bathrooms. I was in love with my private balcony with grand views of sunsets, the hotel and the nearby water. Oscar, Tina and the staff take wonderful care of you and provide luxurious amenities such as in-room massages, pedicures, manicures, room service, etc. There are two main public pools to take advantage of. I enjoyed that my balcony opened up to one of the infinity pools where I could enjoy some of the views. The hotel also has a delicious restaurant on site – TASTE – that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food here could go up against any modern cuisine restaurant in the U.S. The menu was large enough not to eat the same thing the entire time I was there. The wait staff was super friendly and attentive. Please make sure to tip these people very well. They do an excellent job. Mostly, the hotel is a great escape of a vacation destination. It was quiet, relaxing and you feel like you are the lap of luxury at a high-end resort.

    • singjock
      singjock Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Decent Hotel, Horrible City
      We stayed at Casa Cupula in June 2010. Having really only done cruise vacations or tour groups this was a change for us. We didn't nderstand what "off season" meant until we checked in. The staff (including food service) leaves at 3pm. After that your on your own. There is a notice left at the front desk with a cell number to reach the manager. Having said this, the staff was great! They arranged and advised on every aspect of our trip. The Hotel has nice decor and is rustic with a charm. The city however is a completely different story. Neither my partner or myself EVER felt safe. People would literally grab you on the street and beach to sell you anything and everything. I have never encountered such AGGRESSIVE people in my life. The "police & beach security" are in on the whole game, I wil never go back to Puerto Vallarta.

    • cavalier
      cavalier Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Truly exceptional
      My partner and I stayed here for a week in March 2011. I don't know where to begin. The rooms are beautiful, the breakfast is superlative, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Another reviewer said the smaller rooms were perfect because she was spending most of her time in town. We stayed in one of the suites, which was perfect because we spent a lot of time relaxing at the hotel. How can you go wrong with your own private super-size outdoor hot tub?? This was unlike any beach resort or chain luxury hotel we had ever stayed in before, and we won't even think of staying anywehre else next time we are in PV.

    • redtail13
      redtail13 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Worth Every Penny
      I stayed at Cupula in 2010, and it definitely provided the luxury accomodations they advertise. Besides having an amazing staff able to handle every question and concern, the grounds and rooms are well appointed and private. The food is great too. We stayed in their lowest priced room (Queen), and it was perfect for our needs, since we spent most of our time in town. The room was located in the building detached from the main "house". The pool next to the two rooms in this building isn't used by most and you have a great private patio area right outside your door. The owner, whose living quarters are above, has 3 sweet dogs we played with every day, and he put his outdoor satellite radio system on for us whenever we asked. It was like staying at a good friend's luxurious home. When my partner came down with a severe case of food poisioning, he helped us get medicine. My only recommendation is, especially if you are female, to take cabs at night into town: a young boy (unsuccessfully) tried to rob me of my purse when we were walking down the steep, dark, long street you have to take to get anywhere.

    • gmartinezzz
      gmartinezzz Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Honeymoon at Casa Cupula
      We just came back from celebrating our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta at Casa Cupula and had a wonderful time. The facilities are truly luxurious, with the variety of rooms available and the lush landscape within and outside the property. We had only been there one day, before we found out that the penthouse was available at a reduced price. So we snapped at the opportunity and moved rooms. The penthouse itself was like staying at a luxury apartment, with a spacious bathroom, king size bed, living room, kitchen and large balcony which led to the roof and our own private pool. The staff at Casa Cupula makes the stay even more enjoyable. They are a very friendly and professional group of people. Whether its at their restaurant, gym or Friday night cocktail party, they see to your needs. One person that we would definitely like to single out is their concierge, Oscar. He would sit with us every morning and give us information on what activities were available. During our day of sailing the cap of my tooth came off. Oscar was able to find me a good dentist within an hour of arriving back at Casa Cupula. The whole thing was resolved in a few hours. My spouse and I highly recommend Casa Cupula to the discriminating gay tourist. If you want just a place to sleep there are other hotels available, but if you want luxury there is only Casa Cupula.

    • mck95
      mck95 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      On a the best gay resort ever !
      You'll never see any gay resort the same afterwards. Mostly gay staff is so friendly as well as customers. Hotel design is exceptionnal. Both quiet and animated during the friday evening cocktail for ex.

    • glanglois
      glanglois Over a year ago
      Loves it

      This was my third year at Casa Cupula. I thought the first visit was great but each year the place has gotten even better. The hotel is spectularly designed, the staff helpful with everything, the house events incredible, the location was private while being within walking distance of everything. We could not have liked it more! If you want to vacation at a place that is great and reliable this is your place.

    • ojedapaco
      ojedapaco Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Comfy, classy, and totally worthwhile
      I live in Puerto Vallarta, but having visited the hotel a number of times, I was looking forward to being a guest for a weekend. The experience was as personal and comfortable as I would hope to have in a similar hotel anywhere else. Cute and friendly staff made me feel at home and sexy!

    • jbrown1431
      jbrown1431 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      This is a lovely property...& WAY UP THE HILL...I SAID WAY UP THE HILL, so start working out on long strenuous walks to get back to your room from the active area of restaurants, beach, & cruising below. Lotsa attitude from the management here, like my Dad used to say, "If you could buy them for what they're worth & sell them for what they THINK they're worth, YOU'D MAKE A LOT OF MONEY!!" Quite pricey also, compared to other decent PV hotels!!