Pump Gym (Casa Cupula Hotel)

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The Gym at Casa Cupula
Pump Gym is a small hotel gym located in the Casa Cupula Resort. It is very geared toward LGBT travelers! You can get memberships on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis which is really convenient.


    • ehdrive
      ehdrive Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Very small hotel gym
      I went to check it out. it was small and didn't have a decent workout bench. Probably one of the better hotel gyms but there are better standalone gyms in the area. I went to check out the pool after my workout but it was small and the crowd was older and quiet. There was only space for about 6 or 8 people around the pool. They also didn't accept credit cards and had no atm on the premises. The gym itself was empty when I was using it. Also there was no steam room which I read about somewhere.