81% love it
Gentleman's club
Get up close and personal with the male strippers here. There isn't much of a show -- strippers will do a little dance on the bar and then circulate in the hopes of getting tips and inviting you "upstairs for a private show." Look for free passes from your hotel to save on the cover.


    • loved it
      I had the time of my life for almost 8 days I went every night and that angel is my absolute favorite dancer.

    • andysmartin
      andysmartin Over a year ago
      Hates it

      so hot
      Never seen so many cute buds in one place in my life the guys are really cute I just regret I didn't spend the money to get me in a back room with one of them; Was short on cash that night and favoring that credit card was a little problematic I will not miss this next trip down

    • NombresS
      NombresS Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Don't waste your time while you in Pv better places to see
      Estuve en VALLARTA en febrero y un amigo me recomendó Este lugar que muy bueno primero las bebidas super precio alto para ser en México un tequila sunrise $120 pesos y lo peor el sabor malísimo ... ese fue mi primer impresion Enseguida me senté con mi amigo de México. Un bailarín llego enseguida , lo primero que pregunta de dónde somos Mi amigo de Nayarit y yo visitando de usa pues el bailarín me puso más atención a mi ... desafortunadamente no me gusta los hombres con hormonas me gusta menores que hoy al natural como no le di entrada se pasó con mi amigo Cuando estaba hablando saco su polvo del zapato que feo caso ... pero en fin después llegó otro bailarín ovio que por donaciones pidiendo que porque bailo en la dicha jajajja Nada que ver en cuanto termine mi trago .. salí corriendo de ese lugar y gamas pienso regresar .. para gusto los colores Si eres de ese tipo de persona que te gusta pagar por sexo este es tu lugar y drogas

    • donsuttonlbca
      donsuttonlbca Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Hot Boys with Hot Hands in a Bad Way
      Half the boys are very hot and great eye candy. The other half are borderline overweight. They watch your wallet to see your cash carry and I would recommend hiding valuables in socks or zippered pants. Great place to ogle guys but you will burn thru cash fast.

    • jlaneor65
      jlaneor65 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Hot Hot Hot!
      Hot, Young, Smooth, Well "Developed" young men at this Bar. The Dancers are very attentive as long as you are dropping twenty pesos in their shorts, but for a mere 500 pesos they will get "Very Attentive" and all will be "Happy in the END" ~ Wink, Wink

    • Hdude
      Hdude Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Young pups
      If you are into young pups or twinkettes you will like this place. Was totally empty and rather boring. Left after one drink

    • Robwoo
      Robwoo Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Very sexy strippers
      The strippers here are very sexy and friendly

    • krcocjin
      krcocjin Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Worth it!!!!!
      My husband and I just got back, we were there for 5 days The private dances were hot Matteo is the best and very nice personality too Can't wait to get back

    • PissedOff
      PissedOff Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Pissed Big time!!!
      Was there July 2,2013 Tues evening, it still early, but this old timer scum bag somehow zeroed in on me for a private show! says he needs the money . his price not mine so to get him off my face i heeded! i did not offer nor propositioned anything - i am not really interested in oldies. during show every step the pesos keeps adding up and adding up!! shit this scum thought i really liked him - i was about to end it, but he persisted and i felt sorry i gave what he asked. But then after he turned and tells his cohorts - i am cheap! shit I've never been treated like that, most specially coming from a old scum like that!!! obviously others likes this game - just so freaking low for me!! For me - nothing exciting in this place - its not even a turn on cause you can tell this is a rip off place!!! I am not pissed about few miserable pesos - its just plain scum - in your face rip off! not ever worth it! don't even waste your time! PVR left a really bad taste on me - never again! Just so i can post this but i have to click on a star - note that I am rating this shit hole NOT WORTH A STAR.

    • flydxc1
      flydxc1 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      great time, but be careful
      My partner and I went to this bar about four times during our week stay in PV. DEFINITELY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE PRIVATE DANCES! If you see a dancer you want, immediately purchase a dance. You will NOT be disappointed. However, don't buy drinks for the strippers and be aware that you will be solicited drugs. I also had my iPhone 5 stolen from my pocket on our last visit there. Great place to get your rocks off, but don't stay too long.

    • seansmith
      seansmith Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Stripper Bar!!
      Best Stripper bar in Vallarta. Friendly nude dancers, excellent service, great prices!!! the privates are hot!!!

    • philipoconnor
      philipoconnor Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good experiences here
      I can't understand the negative reviews here. I've just come back from vacation in PV, and visited Anthropology a few times. I think they offer great service and value, in a safe environment. The boys are hot. Claudio is a very hot big boy!

    • Best Stripper Bar In Vallarta!!!
      What a great experiance I had at Antropology, the best and friendliest strippers, Great Service, thanks Mauricio!!!! $29 pesos a beer !! what a bargain for such a good entertainment !!!! Hot Hot Hot strippers, a must go while you are in Vallarta !!!!!

    • Sgoldbach
      Sgoldbach Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Fun place if you're not scammed or pick pocketed! When you order a round of drinks be sure to get a receipt every time. You will be double charged and held hostage if you don't pay. (escorted to an ATM). If you do have a wallet/ cash/credit card and ID, put it in a buttoned pocket or your shoe.

    • elouros
      elouros Over a year ago
      Loves it

      nice guys