Alphonse Swimwear

100% love it
Custom made swimwear & more
Alphonse will take measurements, fit you in samples, and then tailor the perfect swim "trunks" (often little more than a glorified g-string) so you can sashay your buns down to the blue chairs at the gay beach. He also offers a selection of off-the-rack suits for when the sun goes down. It's best to book an appointment.


    • MiguelA1969
      MiguelA1969 Over a year ago

      DIVINE swimsuits!!!!
      The swimsuits are DIVINE!!!! There is a great variety in styles and designs!!!! They are Mexican designs which means a lot to me - I certainly hope they are made in Mexico too!!!! The fit is exceptional - there are different sizes so that you don't have to deal with those annoying drawstrings on mass produced swimsuits!!!! Alphonse encourages you to try on each swimsuit to make sure you are more than satisfied and offers great advice!!!! Even great travel advice LOL - what more can you ask for?!!!! You can even get custom made swimsuits from what I understand!!!! Best of all the prices are really cheap considering their exceptional manufacture and sheer aesthetic qualities!!!! Prices range from $15 to $35!!!! You can buy from his boutique in Puerto Vallarta or online!!!! I'm officially addicted!!!! Alphonse is very talented and a genuinely nice guy!!!! I'm glad I met him!!!! I WILL be back!!!! While it may be kind of hard to find Alphonse's shop, at least for me, it was very, very well worth it!!!! The shop is in a condominium complex conveniently close to the gay beach Playa de Los Muertos. Google maps can get you there easily.

    • vuvacious
      vuvacious Over a year ago
      Loves it

      it's a must
      Purchased 4 swimsuits. Absolutely amazing pieces. It's a must when you travel to puerto Vallarta

    • James10023
      James10023 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      First Class service at an affordable price
      First of all, you would think that custom made swimwear would cost you a fortune, well not here! The service is amazing, this man is passionate about his trade! You will not be disappointed!

    • EasySouth
      EasySouth Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Gotta Love the Swimsuits
      Gave a Alphonse gift certificate to my partner for Christmas. It was a great deal for a great swimsuit accenting all the right stuff! We have had three more made since.

    • jrhasbro
      jrhasbro Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Alphonse was warm and welcoming, had a great selection of suits! We ended up buying 3! Such a good fit and so inexpensive!

    • RaulDuran
      RaulDuran Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The Best Swim Wear
      The Best of The perfect looking for you... Excelent price, high quality. every one suit.