Casa 567

84% love it
Gay guesthouse
Small guesthouse located in Old Town. Walking distance to popular beaches, clubs, and restaurants. A quiet getaway, but still close to all the action.


    • JenniferW
      JenniferW Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A little gem in the heart of Puerto Vallarta's Old Town
      I'm a little surprised to see anything but praise offered for this adorable guest house, but I suppose there are people in this world who find little joy in life. My experience of 567 is one of complete comfort in a colourful, friendly atmosphere, with wonderful hosts. The beautiful common areas (including the roof top pool) give one the sensation of stepping back in time, to a gentler, warmer era. The rooms continue this theme. Comfy and quaint, you'll feel right at home in one of the vibrantly decorated guest rooms. The area 567 is situation in, with its proximity to the local market, could not be more pleasant, or safe. In fact, anyone who feels unsafe in Puerto Vallarta, would probably not feel safe anywhere. Having spent a great deal of time in the city, I've found it to be safer than even my home town, in Chilliwack, BC, Canada (which is about 1/4 the population). As with any other place, keeping one's wits about you is number one. If you can't do that, well, you probably should stay home with the doors and windows closed and locked and a gun on your lap! As for me, I loved my stay at the 567 and very much enjoyed being in a neighbourhood that was so diverse. Right in the heart of the gayest part of town, there's nothing but fun to be had, without having the noise of bars and nightclubs right at your door. Your neighbours are Canadians, Americans and (of course) Mexicans! This part of town is funky, Bohemian and so authentically Mexican, you'll wonder why you didn't stay in Old Town before. You'll find this property very peaceful and very pleasant indeed. As to cleanliness, 567 is nothing short of impeccable. Frankly, anyone who would say it isn't may see many things that aren't actually there, but who am I to speculate? I would highly recommend this property to anyone visiting Puerto Vallarta. It's not an all-inclusive, but that's why I like it and why so many others do, also. It's not for people who aren't interested in experiencing the life of the people here and seeing something besides the inside of an all-in. Those guys can stay in Nuevo. This is for people who actually enjoy travel, new experiences and encountering the people who live here at times other than when they're serving them a meal or a drink. Without naming names, perhaps in our negative friend's next incarnation he'll be offered some solace from the apparent torment of the current one. Suffice to say I not only disagree, but I rather suspect the reviewer of some less than noble motives. At any rate, come see for yourselves. This place is well worth a visit and it will keep you coming back, again and again, just as others here have said.

    • IbanL
      IbanL Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great place to stay
      If you want a quite place, far from the noisy Olas Altas area, you will sleep well, because most of places in PV downtown are noisy, close to bar, but this place is not close to noisy bars & has a great view of the mountains, it is close to food suppliers, no walmarts, I mean, real mexican fruits & vegetables stores, & really comfortable, don't hesitate to visit. You will feel like home.

    • Michael02
      Michael02 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best guest house in Puerto Vallarta
      My partner and I have been traveling to CASA567 on annual vacation for the last 8 years. We just returned from our trip this year. We have stayed in every room of this authentic guest house. We love the area and feel very safe. It is about a 15 minute walk to the beach area, which we prefer to walk. We have always felt safe walking in the area to and from the guesthouse. We love the guest house and feel very comfortable staying here. We enjoy "hanging out" here and relaxing by the dipping pool, reading, and enjoying the rooftop views, conversing with other guests. There is WIFI so its easy to stay connected on email, etc. Whichever room we have stayed in, they have always been clean and tidy. Their is a person who comes in to clean rooms on designated days and provide fresh linens and towels, etc. We have found the 2 bedroom apartment to be our favorite area to stay, with the Penthouse running a very close second. We enjoy going to the market, a block from the guesthouse, and getting items that we like to prepare for meals. We do enjoy the area eateries, but also like cooking and preparing meals for ourselves. We have enjoyed numerous stays at CASA567 and recommend it highly. This is a guesthouse with authentic feel of the area. I don't travel to Mexico to stay in a resort. I travel to Mexico and want the feel of Mexico! This year we stayed in the 2 bedroom apartment for 12 days and completely enjoyed being there once again. With such a short distance walk to the beach area, shops, one gets to see all that the Old Town has to offer, including our favorite place to drink Reinas! Take the time to converse with the Owner and ask questions. This guesthouse has much to offer and is worth the visit.

    • KJordan
      KJordan Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Really filthy place - do not bother.
      My partner and I, and one friend, booked two rooms at Casa 567 in December, 2013. We found it on, where we have always had good luck in the past. It looks very charming in the photos on the web site, and it certainly has that potential, but we found it to be very dirty – just plain gross actually. Our friend’s room appeared to not have been cleaned before our arrival. There were some kind of pills on the night stand, and the drawers in both rooms were too filthy to put our clothes in. The towels in his bathroom seemed to be used. One, he said, actually smelled like fecal matter. I took his word for it. In our room, we decided to put out clothes on the shelves in the closet, but found those to be coated with a very thick layer of black dirt (or possibly mold) which we cleaned up ourselves. We ended up leaving a lot of our clothes in our suit cases. The whole place was rife with a musty / mildew smell, which made my allergies to crazy – even with the patio doors wide open. Then there was the rotten stench coming from the refrigerator where we were supposed to store any food we brought in, and there were ants (lots) in the sugar we were supposed to use in our coffee. The owner told us were still in the safe part of town, but not to go any closer to the river, and to close and lock our balcony doors whenever leaving the room. We were told by locals that we should not walk alone in that part of town however. Suffice to say, we decided to leave after just one night. The owner seemed dismayed (but not surprised) that we would want to leave, but we explained most of the reasons. I don’t think anyone mentioned the disgusting towel. There was such a long list, it was hard to remember everything that grossed us out. We didn’t ask for any of the deposit back, and he didn’t offer. We were also told by locals that we would not be able to get it back, and apparently this was true. We were able to find a really nice condo at Loma delMar (two blocks from the Blue Chairs beach area) for only slightly more per night. So, save yourself a very bad experience and DO NOT bother with this place.