Bar Frida y Restaurante

93% love it
Jukebox cantina
This cozy neighborhood bar is a welcoming place with lots of local flavors. Inspired by the Mexican artist known for her progressive attitude and liberated, larger-than-life personality.


    • MaxLovesRio
      MaxLovesRio Over a year ago
      Loves it

      It's like two different places. Upstairs is the restaurant which is non-smoking or at least I have never seen anyone smoke there. The food is good and the prices are good also. Very friendly staff. You can even get a table outside on the balcony overlooking the street. Unfortunately, you have to climb a winding staircase to get to it from the downstairs bar. The downstairs is a very smoky bar. Don't care for it.

    • jlaneor65
      jlaneor65 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Phillipe' - Need I say More?
      Nice cozy little Neighborhood Bar, with Emphasis on LITTLE. Kichy and friendly, good drinks, Oh and did I mention the Bartender Phillipe' .... AMAZING!

    • One of the best!
      I spent 5 weeks in Puerto Vallarta (my 4th trip to PV in 2014), and was living right next door to Fridas. I got to know all of the bartenders, owners and patrons....they treated me like family. The food is incredible, so make sure to stop in and have Beto whip something up for you. The prices are good, and the people are even better. I look forward to going back and seeing all of my friends at Fridas!

    • twoguysbrooklyn
      twoguysbrooklyn Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The CHEERS of PV
      Friendly, community-type bar. Low key. Everyone is welcomed with smiles and nods. Easy chatting. Try a couple shots of their own house brand Tequila. Smooth...

    • Roberto5
      Roberto5 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Too Smokey with too many boozers
      I was there having a nice conversation with a friend about a recent trip I took to Nicaragua. I stayed in a 6 US dollar hotel and a local guy I met in Nicaragua heard where I was staying and considered it high end! We laughed a bit over anyone thinking a 6 dollar hotel was upscale in any country. At this, some horrible gringo queen sitting next to us said THAT ISN'T FUNNY! I DON'T LAUGH AT THE UNFORTUNATE! We tried to ignore this fool and continue our conversation, which was none of his business anyway. The problem is the bar attracts nasty drunks and the smoke is thick, it makes your clothes smell bad. Another gringo here went on a rant screaming loudly against gay militants stating he is in the closet in Idaho, Of course, it it were not for gay militants, this bar would have been closed! If you want to meet losers, Frida is the place.

    • elouros
      elouros Over a year ago
      Loves it

      very mexican

    • ShawnW203
      ShawnW203 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Place to meet a new Friend!
      I went there on my last night in PV and wish I went sooner! I went for a starter drink and closed the place!

    • toddpalmsprings
      toddpalmsprings Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Not enjoyable
      I don'tunderstand the attraction of Frida's. I stop in time to time when I'm in PV, my home away from home, because they get an earlier "crowd" (10-20 people) than the other bars. But I never stay long. The place is unbelievably filthy. I'm afraid to touch anything. When they moved to a new location I thought it would be clean for a while but it seems they took the dirt with them. I won't drink from anything except a beer bottle that I witness them open. I'm not a fussy guy but I've gotten sick from drinking from the glasses there before (and at Paco Paco once too). That's enough to ruin a vacation beleive me. Maybe it's the place, but the people there look dirty too - they probably aren't but that place makes everything and everyone look dingy. It's my theory everyone becomes unattractive and dirty the minute they walk through the door because I've never seen anyone the least bit attractive there. Ever.

    • pvmingo
      pvmingo Over a year ago
      Loves it

      authentic fun, with a gay twist
      Frida's has been serving the locals and tourists for the past 9 years and I've been there several times a year for 8 of them. I've met many wonderful people from all over the world in this unpretentious slice of Mexican heaven. The decor pays homage to Frida Kahlo, Mexico's female folk hero and culture icon. Owner's Tom and Luis always hand you a shot of the best tasting tequila in Mexico if they find out it's your first time in the bar. If you don't meet a few friends here, you won't like Mexico at all.

    • ViewDude
      ViewDude Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Cheapest Beer in PV
      Tom came over and we had tequila shooters on the house, the minute I walked in. He is super friendly so how could anyone complain? The place is very casual and feels like a true Mexican "cantina."

    • javierc
      javierc Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Owners Tom and Luis make you feel at right at home the minute you walk in. Servers Abner and Blanca are great and know how to serve drinks. This place is down to earth ,no attitude, friendly a place to have a few cocktails before venturing out to all other places